Revisited this pic I made like a year ago and fixed itHALLOWEEN SOON ♥
I met Junko Mizuno today ♥ (I look like a scary tall hobo next to her aaaa)

Anonymous asked: "I love your art! Have you ever done a tutorial? I really want to see the progress of your artwork!"

Okay I’ll make a tut soon just for youuuu anon ♥♥

(It’s probably goin to be super boring tho haha sorry to dissapointttt)

♪ PLAYLIST to my art ♪Enjoy ♥

Anonymous asked: "Wish you'd stop showing up on my dash with your awful "art""

lol soz

Pastel Unicorn ♥

Answersssss to life


I very rarely take them on unless it’s a really special project or something! I don’t get much free timeeeee, but shoot me an email if you have something unique and exciting in mind ♥


I use Illustrator for all the vector work! Sketches and tweaks are usually done in Photoshop before/after but 99% of the work is Illustrator.

Acrylics on canvas ♥
Grimes again cos I like her new song.
Man I love drawing that girl ♥ wanna make merch fo her
Let the sun kiss you