Candy is her prostitute ♥Happy birthday Lisa you sweet thing you :> 

For Marby! <3

Super cute Soapy from Dokisannn ♥ Cutenesssssss!!! Thanks so muchhh what a cutie in your style Eeeeeeeeee~ (*A*)
A big thank you to my good friend Loppi who drew this for me!
Wowwww what a cutieeee :D I love her cute perky butt! ♥

Sketch directly inspired by my friend and colleague Marby’s adorable Werepop girls!
My boyfriend ordered this awesome custom-made figurine for me for Christmas.
Can’t wait to paint it!!! ♥
Wowww check out this super sexy fanart from Kumi! ♥__♥ Thank you so much for this smokin’ pic! *droooooooooool*

Fanart of one of Maru’s werepop girls :-)

Gift art for Werepop!

Wowwww how sexy is this?! ♥ Super thanks to Rik for these hot hot pixels!